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Migrating an old PC to Windows 10

Windows Easy Transfer

Buying a new PC or laptop often means transferring many of your files and folders across from your old hardware, and this used to be quite simple using Microsoft's 'Windows Easy Transfer'. If your old PC is running any version of Windows from XP to Windows 8.1, you can just type 'Easy' into the search box and the Windows Easy Transfer will appear ready for you to use.

Microsoft, however, deemed it necessary to discontinue this utility with the introduction of Windows 10, making it much more difficult to migrate your data to your new PC. Microsoft's solution (if you can call it that) was to suggest that users now use Laplink's PCMover application, and there is a free edition on the Windows Store, called, unsurprisingly, the 'Windows Store Edition', however on closer inspection this free version will only move a maximum of 500MB of your data, a ridiculously small limitation that is of no use whatsoever to anyone these days. To remove the 500MB limitation, you have to buy an upgraded version, with prices starting at £20 and rising depending upon your requirements.

To say this is typical of Microsoft would of course be stating the obvious, as they have done this consistently with many of their previously free products over the years. But that is the unfortunate price you pay for having Windows on your PC.

Fortunately, there is a solution. It is still possible to migrate from your old PC to your new one using Windows Easy Transfer if you can find a copy, and although it is no longer available from Microsoft, you can download it from the link below. Just unzip the file, install it on your new Windows 10 PC, follow the prompts and you should find that virtually all of your files and folders have been migrated to your new PC. There will be a certain amount of tidying up to do, but it does make the whole job of transferring your data across much easier (and cheaper) than using the PCMover application.

One very important word of advice, though, is to check the 'Advanced Options' button to make sure you import your old data to the right user, otherwise you will have an awful lot more tidying up to do than you expected!


Smartphone vs Tablet vs Psion?

I read an appalling article recently in the Telegraph Online, where a reader had asked if it was worthwhile repairing his Psion Series 5 as the cable had failed.

The responder said that as the Psion was so old it made no sense whatsoever to even think about repairing it as the enquirer would be better off buying one of the new breed of tablets or smartphones as they were the most logical, suitable successor.

What struck me was the blatantly stupid opinion that if something was old it was simply not worth considering for repair. How blinkered an opinion is that? I cannot believe that anyone who considers themselves even the least bit knowledgeable in the field of technology could even begin to think that such an opinion would carry any sort of weight whatsoever amongst those who know and understand such concepts.

The Psion was an incredibly forward-looking device with some applications that are still, to this day, unavailable in the most modern of iPads, Android tablets or SmartPhones and it is far more useful as a tool to the technocratic than many of the graphically orientated, colourful apps that appear on an almost daily basis yet offer no useful service other than to provide simplistic solutions or bolster the ego of the developer.

For an actual device that works as expected, lasts a long time on standard batteries, is simple to use and delivers what you need in a simple, understandable fashion then you should definitely consider keeping your Psion rather than looking at iPads, Android tablets or SmartPhones.

Psion Series PDAs. Still desired by people who want results, not those who want to flash their latest tech in front of their friends.

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