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Our Disposable society

One of the consequences of living in a disposable society is that there are now many places that would sooner sell you a new piece of technology than repair your old one.

At TMB we see this quite a lot: your laptop stops working, you take it to a few of repairers who say it can't be fixed, you buy a new one. This costs you more and you then have the problem of trying to get all your stuff off the old one onto the new piece of kit.

Case Study: Macbook Pro

Take a look at the example shown here: this was a client's MacBook Pro that he had travelled the world with, but unfortunately had spilt a can of Coke over.

Now, every time he switched it on, the password field filled up with hundreds of dots ands it was impossible to log on.

He had taken it to four separate Mac specialist repairers - and each had told him the same thing: it was beyond repair.

The first thing we did was to dismantle the entire laptop so we could copy his hard disk (we always do everything we can to keep our customer data safe) and then we looked at the inside of the laptop.
To us, it seemed like the Coke had caused a short circuit inside the keyboard.

Now, Mac keyboards are a very carefully contructed piece of equipment: they are extremely thin, some of them (like this one) have an incredibly slim backlight, and the whole thing is held in place by about 80 tiny little screws no bigger than half a match head.

Unfortunately, you can't just disconnect the keyboard to test it with an external keyboard, as the power switch is an integral part of the keyboard itself.

So, we tried first of all to clean the keyboard contacts but this was all but impossible due to both the construction of the unit and the extremely tight tolerances, so a new keyboard was ordered and once we had cleaned the chassis, the back and all the key surrounds so it was absolutely spotless the new keyboard was then fitted.

Voila! Despite what the so-called specialists had said, the Macbook worked perfectly. Our client was extremely happy, and for us, it was just another example of how our philosophy of not accepting defeat paid dividends for our client.

After all, if it wasn't for our clients, we wouldn't have a business. We never forget that.

One Macbook Pro all ready to go...

MacBook Pro


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