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Dell Vostro 360 All-in-One service

We were recently called out to a client who reported that their Vostro 360 All-in-One sounded like it was going to Take Off.


As soon as we arrived it was pretty obvious which machine had the problem - it was making so much noise it was a wonder the client could work. A really noisy PC is usually a sign that the insides have become clogged with dust and fluff, causing the fan to run at full speed in an attempt to desperately cool the poor thing and subsequently causing all the noise.


First thing was to take the back off and see just how much dust and fluff had collected around the fan - and what we found was typical of the All-in-One design: these types of PC have a lot of components tightly packed together and not much space for air movement.


In reality a PC fan is just like a little vacuum cleaner - sucking air through the PC case to cool the inside but bring with it all the airborne dust in the atmosphere - much of which ends up stuck to the fins on the cooler



You can see from the picture above how it also sticks to the fan blades - often causing the fan to become out of balance and resulting in unwanted vibration.


Rather than just clean the dust off the various components and reassemble, we removed the entire CPU cooling system so we could check there were no imperfections on either the CPU or cooling plate faces.


To ensure the mating faces were absolutely spotless (and made the very best thermal connection) we cleaned both with metal polish. We then applied a smear of new thermal paste before carefully refitting with new seals between the fan and cooling fins.


Having finished all the cleaning, all that was left was to reassemble and test the PC, and we are pleased to say that it was just as quiet as when it came out of the factory.

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